Vertex Engineers Testimonials


“Vertex Engineers approached the work with professionalism and an innovative, collaborative
approach which has delivered equipment which is functional, effective and fit for purpose.
We look forward to working with Vertex Engineers on future projects with Goodman Fielder
throughout New Zealand.”
- Scott Jesen, Project Manager

Our Values

At Vertex Engineers Limited we are Inspired by Innovation to Improve Customer Product Line Efficiency whilst Valuing our Employees and working with Honesty and Integrity.

Seamfree Vertex product Corn Top Wrap Vertex Product Bakery Bun Conveyor by Vertex

Inspired by Innovation:

  • Thinking outside the square
  • Embracing new challenges
  • Striving for excellence

Improve Customer Product Line Efficiency:

  • Research & Development
  • Customer satisfaction is our success
  • Turning customer vision into reality

Valuing Our Employees:

  • Investing in employee development
  • Working as a team
  • Appreciating diverse abilities and ideas
  • Rewarding personal achievements

Honesty & Integrity:

  • Keeping our word and commitments
  • Treating people with respect
  • Keeping an environment of trust.

At Vertex Engineers we see ourselves as a friendly and family orientated team. We like to keep our work environment fresh and positive for both our team and customers, understanding this optimises our ability to be innovative and focused. As a team we know how to apply ourselves and get the job done efficiently and effectively whilst also keeping a balance with our family and personal lives. We endeavour to build strong relationships with our customers valuing them not only as business but as people.

We believe with these values as our firm foundation, Vertex Engineers will have a sustainable future and will continue to serve our customers with excellence.