Vertex Engineers Ltd have a passion for engineering. We are dedicated to see the success of our customers, we provide practical solutions and think outside the square.
We endeavour to build strong relationships with our customers, valuing them not only as business but as people.

We can offer design & manufacture solutions through to installation and commissioning of turnkey systems.

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Vertex Engineers Product Folio

Product folio

We are experienced in Conveyor Systems, Materials Handling, Process Optimisation, Safety Guarding, Automation, Custom Machinery and Development, Project Work, Design and Draughting/Drafting, Factory Layouts, 2D & 3D Modelling and Plant Layouts.

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Our Values

At Vertex Engineers Ltd we are Inspired by Innovation to Improve Customer Product Line Efficiency whilst Valuing our Employees and working with Honesty and Integrity.

We see ourselves as a friendly and family orientated team.
We like to keep our work environment fresh and positive for both our team and customers, as this optimises our ability to be innovative and focused.

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Vertex Engineers Testimonials


Ygros EDF
The springless check valve for hygienic applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and food.

  • No more springs that can break or misfire.
  • No flow obstructing components at all.
  • No stagnation point.
  • No valve maintenance.

The innovation also minimizes pressure losses, provides a longer valve life and highest sterility.